Roccat.Trust vs How.KR – Asian DotA Championship 2010 [DotA Replay]

Here is a replay from Asian DotA Championship IV ’10 Playday #8 of match between Roccat.Trust vs How.KR. This was a very exciting match with unusual picks which lasted for an hour and both teams had good battles. A must watch replay!
Roccat.Trust vs How.KR DotA Replay


Replay Details:

Warcraft 3 TFT Patch: v1.24e

Map: DotA v6.69c.w3x

Sentinel: Roccat.Trust (Thailand)

Scourge: How.KR (Korea)

Even: Asian DotA Championship Season #4 – 2010

Game Mode: -CM

Game Length: 56 Minutes

Winner: Roccat.Trust

Download DotA Replay:

How_Kr_vs_trust.w3g (1.07 MB)

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