DotA v6.75b.w3x – File Download

DotA v6.75b.w3xDotA 6.75b map is a custom Warcraft 3 map. This map is consist of bug fixes from previously released DotA 6.75 map. Enjoy playing it.

Description: IceFrog’s DotA series, v6.75b bug fix patch.
Filesize: 7.79 MB
Release date: 2 October, 2012
Language: Multiple
For Warcraft v1.24e & v1.26a

File Download:


6.75b changelogsEnglish

Русский (Russian)

大陆简体 (Chinese)


Português (Portuguese)

Français (French)

Română (Romanian)

Dota v6.75b Changelogs (Patch Notes):

Read DotA 6.75b Changelogs.


– If you have any issues with the download links, please notify us.
– Put the map in ‘C:\Program Files\Warcraft 3\Maps\Downloads’ folder after downloading it. The source directory will be different if you installed Warcraft 3 on separate folder/drive.
– Please report any Dota 6.75b bug/glitches to IceFrog. He’ll release Dota 6.75c/d to address them.
– DotA 6.75b AI will take time to release according to the number of changes

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