Zombie Driver 1.2.5 Patch Download & Notes

Zombie Driver 1.2.5 PatchExor Studios has released a new patch for their Single Player Vehicular combat game, Zombie Driver Patch v1.2.5 – The massive new update brings new mission voice-over audios, more languages support, improved Artificial Intelligence along with other miscellaneous bug fixes. This standalone patch will update your game from any previous version.


Zombie Driver 1.2.5 Patch Notes/Changelogs:

– added voice over audio for all mission briefings and character dialogue in story mode. Male voices played by Tori Kamal, female voices by Sara B. Moore
– added French, Italian, German and Spanish language support
– added 1 second of invulnerability after respawn in Blood Race
– improved bot AI behavior
– tweaked car engine volume
– tweaked bus handbrake
– sports car alternate skin is unlockable for completing the Beginners’Tournament in Blood Race
– alternate taxi skin is now available from the start
– fixed possible crash bugs during map reload
– fixed respawn exploit in Blood Race
– fixed potential crash after completing the story mode
– fixed misc. sound effects not playing properly in menus
– fixed modified content warning message in Slaughter mode
– fixed global leaderboards screen showing Slaughter mode highscores under Blood Race
– fixed car wrecks gathering pick-ups
– fixed menu UI stretching in wide screen resolutions
– fixed tournament rewards being displayed incorrectly after completing the Zombie Drivers’ Tournament in Blood Race

Zombie Driver Patch 1.2.5 Download:

ZombieDriver_Patch_1.2.5.exe (417.09 MB)

Hope you successfully install the Zombie Driver 1.2.5 Patch update, If you experience any problems during the installation, please post a comment!

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