World Supremacy Patch 1.05 Download & Notes

World SupremacyShrapnel Games, Inc. have released a short update for World Supremacy. This update brings a lot of improvements and tweaks to the game AI engine and fixes minor bugs and rare possibility of having two Fabrication Complexes in same region. Download  World Supremacy 1.05 Patch and read the patch changes.


World Supremacy 1.05 Patch Notes:

  • Increased weapon speed for torpedoes and cruise missiles.
  • Fixed: When starting a game it was possible to have two Fabrication Complexes in the same region.
  • Fixed: Added hotkeys to the help text.
  • Fixed: Game Over window was not displaying when human player was killed.
  • Many general AI improvements.
  • Rocket Artillery now have a movement of two.
  • Fixed: AI was not loading Sea Transports.
  • Fixed: AI was not always landing its planes even when they had remaining movement.

World Supremacy Patch 1.05 Download: (1.41 MB)

If you experience any problems while upgrading World Supremacy 1.05 patch, please post a comment.

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