Two Worlds 2 1.0.1 Patch Download | Two Worlds II v1.0.1 Patch Notes

Two Worlds 2 1.0.1 PatchReality Pump, the developer of one of the most popular role-playing game has released another update for their super hit game, Two Worlds 2 1.0.1 Patch. This patch brings various improvements to the Two Worlds 2 game engine and fixes some major crashes while playing. If you are playing Two Worlds II on multiplayer mode, It is recommended that you must upgrade to Two Worlds 2 v1.0.1 patch.


Two Worlds 2 1.0.1 Patch Notes/Changelogs:

* fixed crash in singleplayer campaign during streaming of levels (CD icon) or during teleportation.
* fixed one crash in multiplayer.
* fixed quality of rendering ogg videos (when HD video option is off)
* if game crashes while playing wmv videos then it is switched to ogg mode and next time ogg will be played.
* fixed missing in shops magic cards: Air Life and Air Lightning.
* fixed type of potion ingredients generated in village shops.
* fixed endless invisibility spell error.
* fixed wrong direction of camera in sniper mode in reversed vertical view.
* fixed problem with changing bid by +/- keys in dice minigame on laptop keyboards.
* fixed displaying wrong number of equipment parts in “destroy equipment” message box
* added missing “Check for updates” option to settings.
* some player reported long time of making savegames in full screen. It was possible caused by taking screen shot. Save screen shots can be turned off by console command: game.MakeSaveScreenShot 0 – it should be added to autosaveGame3.con file in Parameters subdirectory of save game.
* one change was made which could fix problem with saving multiplayer characters / village. Now if sending data to server fails then game make two more attempts to send.

Two Worlds II 1.0.1 Patch Download:

TwoWorldsII_Patch_1.0.1.exe (5.24 MB)

Hope the the upgrade goes smoothly, If your game is crashing while installing this update, please post a comment with error screenshot.

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