Starcraft 2 Cheats | StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Cheat Codes

Starcraft 2 CheatsBlizzard Entertainment has released the official entire list of StarCraft 2 Cheats. The cheat codes work for Single Player (customer, campaign, tutorial, etc) on both PC & Mac version of StarCraft 2.  You can can secure instant victory and other advantages such as:  God Mode, Infinite Resources etc. by using these SC 2 cheats. But remember, you won’t get any 2.0 achievements once you enter any of the cheat codes on your game.


StarCraft 2 Cheats Codes:

To enable the following cheats, Press “ENTER” while in game open console, Type the cheat you want to use and Press “ENTER” again to activate it. You must get a small notification message saying that the cheat has been entered successfully.

1. WhatIsBestInLife
Instant Victory

2. LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEven
Instant Defeat

3. TookTheRedPill
Disables Fog of War

4. Bunker55AliveInside
Disables the need for Supplies (Food)

5. TerribleTerribleDamage
Enables God Mode

6. SpectralTiger
Adds 5000 Minerals to the Available Resources

7. RealMenDrillDeep
Adds 5000 Gas to the Available Resources

8. WhoRunBartertown
Adds 5000 of each Resource to the Available Resources

9. SoSayWeAll
Allows the use of all Tech

10. IAmIronMan
Instantly Allows all Upgrades

11. CatFoodForPrawnGuns
Enables Fast Builds and Fast Upgrades

12. HanShotFirst
Disables Cooldowns on Spells

13. TyuHasLeftTheGame
Disables Victory Conditions to Allow Continued Play

14. NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender
Enables Continued Play After a Defeat

15. ImADoctorNotARoachJim
Enables Fast Unit Healing

16. MoreDotsMoreDots
All Units and Buildings are Free to Build (No Cost)

*The Starcraft 2 cheats mentioned above disable Starcraft 2 Achievements.

Starcraft 2 Story Mode Cheat Codes:

1. WhySoSerious
Adds 5 Million Credits

2. LeaveYourSleep
Opens all Missions (Ability to Jump to Missions)

3. EyeOfSauron
Allows Access to all Cinematics

4. StayClassyMarSara
Allows Access to all UNN TV News Broadcasts

5. HoradricCube
Opens all Research Options

The Starcraft 2 cheats stated on top of this reminder disable Starcraft 2 Achievements.

Starcraft 2 Custom Maps Cheat Codes:

1. Jaynestown
Adds 5000 Terrazine to the Available Resources

The above mentioned cheats disable Starcraft 2 Achievements.

Starcraft 2 Easter Egg Cheat Codes: (does not disable SC2 Achievements)

1. OverEngineeredCodPiece
Plays the Song Terran Up the Night

The Terran Starcraft 2 easter egg cheat does not disable SC2 Achievements.

Tip: You can enter the last cheat code without having to typing it again to console. Just open console, Press “=” and enter, StarCraft 2 will automatically enable the last cheat you entered.

Warning: Don’t use any kind of  3rd party StarCraft 2 hacks in Single Player mode. It may lead to your account suspension.

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