Star Ruler Patch Download | Star Ruler v1.0.2.6 Patch Notes

Star Ruler PatchBlind Mind Studios has released a short hotfix update, Star Ruler Patch. This small updates fixes a major bug in single threaded mode, object icons and minor fixes. You can download Star Ruler to 1.02.6 Patch to update your game now or wait the game publisher’s update alternatively.


Star Ruler Patch Notes/Changelogs:

[Fixed] Fixed a major bug in single threaded mode that prevented ships from leaving systems.
[Fixed] Object icons were messing up in Medium & Low texture quality.
[Fixed] Fixed some minor issues with the tutorial.
[Changed] Timed game effects are now allocated on a pool. Improves performance in combat.
[Removed] Removed duplicate ship designs from the tutorial mod.

Star Ruler to Patch Download:

SR_v1.0.2.4-v1.0.2.6.exe (707 KB)

This patch will upgrade your game to Star Ruler 1.0.26 from 1.0.24, if your game is crashing while installing the new update kindly download uninstall the game and then install the patches.

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