+Realism Modloader for Minecraft 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2, 1.17.1

+Realism Modloader for Minecraft


+Realism Modloader is an amazing addition in the Minecraft which helps you to load your mods within the game. Its a unique tool which has some new features in it. There are several other modloaders which are already competing with Risugami Modloader but they are less effective. So check this out yourself..

Description: A modloader for minecraft.
Author: MineMan287
Release date: 15th February 2020
Filesize: 9.32KB
Compatible: Windows, Linux, Mac
Version: v.1.4.7

+Realism Modloader for Minecraft :

+Realism Modloader 1.4.7

How To Install +Realism Modloader for Minecraft:

1. Download the mod
2. Save the mod somewhere you can remember ( I Reccomend your desktop ).
3. Download Risugami’s Mod Loader from HERE.
4. Follow the instructions for install of Risugami’s Mod Loader.
4a. Run Minecraft, then close it again. If it freezes repeat steps 3 – 4.
5. Aquire some cake ( Optional but needed for 7 ).
6. Get that ZIP folder and copy it.
7. Eat your cake.
8. Open up Documents
9. In the top bar type “%appdata%” DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUOTATION MARKS.
10. Go into “.minecraft”
10a. Go into “mods”
11. Paste the ZIP folder there
12. Run Minecraft.

So guys have fun playing Minecraft with the +Realism Modloader. Having some issues or problems with the mod so just let us know via comment section. Keep playing Minecraft and do comeback here to check the latest updates

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