Pro Cycling Manager Patch Download and Notes

Pro Cycling Manager 2012 is a pc game which is developed by Cyanide Studios. Pro Cycling Manager 2012 is series of cycling based game which was released in June 2012 by Focus Multimedia. PCM has already released 3 successful patches and now they are heading towards the forth one which is Pro Cycling Manager . This patch and change list is available below so check it out.


Pro Cycling Manager Patch Download:

Pro Cycling Manager ( 93.01 mb)


Pro Cycling Manager Patch Notes:

– Functionality: Add the possibility to renew sponsors.
– Fix: Fixed a bug that could prevent, in some rare cases, getting beyond the world championships.
– Fix: Fixed several problems with U23 races.
– Improvement: Custom teams with a small budget are now considered to be “Continental” teams rather than “Continental Pro”.

– Major Functionality: Official teams are playable in friendly mode.
– Functionality: Races (except time-trials) can be speeded-up (x2 / x4) if a majority of players vote for it. Once the last rider has crossed the line, the race will end.
– Functionality: It is now possible to play time-trial races. AI teams will not be present in these events, to avoid long waiting times.
– Corrections to the chat.
– Number of players connected is displayed and a small icon will show if a player is in a game.
+ server updates : viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13002#p525770

– Addition : Chapelle de Grammont added to “Isolated Buildings”.

– Addition: Possibility to zoom the profile during a race. (a left click on the profile causes a zoom of the selected section to be displayed on-screen. Move mouse to change zoomed view).
– Addition: Colours added to race profile (in some menus, especially a zoomed profile) to distinguish differences in slope.
– Correction: Sprint and attack distances of a leader were not displayed on the Detailed Simulation page.

– Addition: Missing localisations added to Italian and Portuguese.

– Adjustment: Adjustment to certain rider attributes.

– Fixed a rare problem with a “server-side processing error” that could force a player to recreate a profile for each new connection to Armada.
We hope that you guys will enjoy playing this patch. So don’t forget to comeback here and check the latest updates of your favorite game.

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