Portal Gun Mod for 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2, 1.17.1

Portal Gun Mod


PORTAL GUN Mod for Minecraft is one of the exciting and fun-to-play with mod for Minecraft. It is inspired from Valve video-game series Portal in which you are given a gun that can create doors, allowing you to teleport one place to another. Portal Gun mod brings the same functionality in your Minecraft by bringing the magical portal gun!

Description: A custom mod which provides a gun in Minecraft.
Author: iChun
Release date: 17th February 2020
Version: v.1.12.2
Filesize: 800~ KB
Compatible: Minecraft Forge on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Poral Gun Mod for Minecraft Download:

For 1.12.2 – (Direct) Portal-Gun-1.12.2.jar

For 1.10.2 – (Direct) Portal-Gun-Mod 

For 1.7.10 – (Direct) PortalGun-4.0.0-beta-5.jar

Required Files:

iChun Util – iChunUtil+Required+for+mod  (397 KB)

iChun Utilities are required Library files to make the mod function. Download the zip file and put it in ./minecraft/mods folder.

Screen Shots:


  1. Go to your Minecraft folder. (Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft and press Enter)
  2. Place the zip file in the /mods folder and run the game. (Make sure Minecraft Forge is already installed)
  3. If you want to change a setting (eg: a block id), go to /config/ and open “PortalGun.cfg” with your favourite text editor.
  1. Drop the zip in the /mods/ folder of the server root folder and start the server.
  2. If you want to change a general setting (eg: a block id), go to /config/ and open “PortalGun.cfg” with your favourite text editor.
  3. If you want to change a gameplay setting (eg: turret targetting), go to your world folder and open “PortalGun_world.cfg” with your favourite text editor.


  • This mod DOES NOT auto resolve Item ID issues, but uses Forge’s ID allocator for blocks.
  • Please do check the config file, both of them, enough comments have been added for you to understand it.
  • Server is VANILLA only.

If you are having any trouble installing this mod, please post a comment below.

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