Panzer Campaigns: Kharkov ’43 1.01 Patch Download & Notes

Panzer Campaigns Kharkov '43 Patch 1.01John Tiller Software has released a comprehensive update, Panzer Campaigns: Kharkov ’43 Patch 1.01. It is another update shortly released after v1.00 which brings a huge number of changes to GUI and mission scenarios. Artificial Intelligence has been slightly reworked/improved in this update. The computer generated player will be more strong so you can have good competition. Check Panzer Campaigns: Kharkov ’43 1.01 Patch changelogs.

Panzer Campaigns: Kharkov ’43 Patch 1.01 Notes:

    - Added ability to toggle Movement Sounds off and on (in Settings Menu).
    - Added ability to toggle mouse wheel zooming (in Settings Menu).
    - Fixed Triggered Release bug.
    - OOB updated, missing recon & AA units added to 2nd & 3rd Guards Tank
    - OOB updated, Panzer TOE adjusted to allow theoretical strengths if
      rested.  This aligns with the current methodology used for the Soviets.
    - OOB updated, additional research has required Aufklarung composition
    - OOB changes have only been included in official scenarios where it does
      not unbalance current play. Most changes are provided for future mods.
    - PDT updated. C & B morale mechanised & motorised units can now usually
      move two hexes deployed.A morale units already have this capability.
    - PDT updated. German armour repair rate increased from 2% to 3%.  The
      Germans were falling back on their supply lines.
    - Scenario 0220_01s & 0220_02 updated to move units setup in rough hexes.
    - Scenario 0226_01s revised setup, fatigue values and explicit supply
      values based on additional play testing.
    - Scenario 0226_02 revised fatigue values.
    - Scenario 0303_01 slightly revised setup.
    - Scenario 0306_01s & 0311_02s updated to include additional 2nd & 3rd 
      Guards Tank Corps recon AA units.
    - Scenario 0306_03 updated with Soviet air to improve balance.
    - Scenario 0311_02s updated with Soviet air and artillery to improve
    - Scenario 0311_03 updated with Soviet air to improve balance.
    - Scenario 0311_04 updated with Soviet air and artillery to improve
    - New Scenario 0202_08s Kharkov '43 Grand Campaign included. Please
      see separate Campaign notes for victory conditions and changes.  This 
      scenario is not officially supported but is provided for those that
      would like an end to end campaign. 

Panzer Campaigns: Kharkov ’43 1.01 Patch Download:

Kharkov43_101_upd.exe (2.65 MB)



Thanks to John Tiller Software for the updates.

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