OptiFine HD for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9

Optifine HD Mod for MinecraftOptifine HD Mod for Minecraft is a complete mod for Minecraft. Optifine HD Mod is known for FPS boosting and also decreasing lag spikes and smooths your Minecraft texture experience. Basically its more improved version of MCPatcher HD Texture pack but it has many features which will drive you crazy. Below you can check more details of this tool..

Description: A FPS boosting tool/mod for Minecraft.
Developer: sp614x
Last Version Release: 19th November, 2016
Mod size: 1.85 MB
Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac

Installation Video and Gameplay:

Download OptiFine 1.17Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.16.5 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.16.2 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.16.1 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.15.2 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.14.4 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.13.2 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.12.2 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.12 Mod:

Opti-fine 1.12.jar 

Download OptiFine 1.11.2 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.11 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.10.2 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.10 Mod:


Download OptiFine 1.9.4 B1 Mod:


Download Optifine 1.9.2 Mod:

Opti-Fine_HD_U_B1.jar  (File Size 1.62 MB)

Opti-Fine HD_U_B1.jar   (File Size 1.62 MB)

Download Optifine 1.9 B2 Mod: 

Opti-Fine_HD_U_B2.jar  (File Size: 1.57 MB)

Opti-Fine HD_U_B2.jar  (File Size: 1.57 MB)

Download OptiFine 1.8.9 H4 Mod :



Download OptiFine 1.8.8 G9 Mod :



Download OptiFine 1.8 with Forge Mod :



Optifine HD for Minecraft 1.8.7

OptiFine_1.8.7_HD_U_D5.jar (Released)

Optifine Mod Features


Optifine HD Mod Features:

  • The Main Feature of this mod is Frames Per Second boost 
  • Support for HD Textures 
  • Variable Render Distance 
  • Performance Improvment: Virtual Sync
  • Synchronizes framerate with monitor refresh rate to remove split frames and smooth gameplay
  • Smart Advanced OpenGL
  • Fog control
  • Mipmaps 
  • Anisotropic Filtering 
  • Antialiasing 
  • Better Grass
  • FPS control
  • Configurable Details
  • Configurable animations
  • Fast Texturepack Switching
  • Debug
  • Time Control
  • Autosave 
  • – Configurable Autosave interval
  • – A fix for the famous Lag Spike of Death

optifine hd tool

 Some Important Information If you have previously used MCPatcher for HD Textures.

Follow these steps to prevent a possible “Black Screen” problem when installing OptiFine:
1. Temporarily revert back to the Default Texture Pack.
2. Uninstall the HD Textures, HD Fonts, and Better Grass mods from the MCPatcher. These functions are included in OptiFine.
3. Set Graphics to Fancy
4. Install OptiFine and test with the Default Texture Pack to make sure everything is working.
5. Select your previous texture pack and graphics settings
6. Run Minecraft and enjoy

optifine hd tool 2

How to install OptiFine HD Mod in Minecraft 1.5.1/1.5.2 Windows/ Linux Guide:

  • Before all the installation first keep your Minecraft.jar backup. Just in case.
  • First you need to find minecraft.jar file.
  • Open ‘Start Menu’ then  Type %APPDATA%/
  • Then open .minecraft/bin folder.
  • Then open minecraft.jar in an archive editor (WinRar/7-Zip/etc)
  • Now just Delete the META-INF folder.
  • In the end  Copy (drag and drop) the .class files from the downloaded zip file into the jar file, replacing previous files.
  • Enjoy and Run Minecraft and test!

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We are hopeful that this above post will help you to download and install this mod. If you are still having some problems while installing this mod you just need to comment your problem via comment section. Have fun playing Optifine Mod for Minecraft and keep coming here..

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