Mutant Creatures Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Mutant Creepers 1.5.2Mutant Creatures has now been ported to latest version. Mutant Creatures 1.5.2 is a custom modification for Minecraft which adds some scary mobs in your world. It allows you to spawn Mutant Zombies and Mutant Creepers they have superpowers and have more than 50 hearts of health they drop might items upon death.


Description: Summons mutant mobs in Minecraft
Author: thehippomaster12
Version: v1.3.4
Release date:  7th May, 2013
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

Download Mutant Creepers 1.5.2:

Mutant Creatures v1.3.4 (900 KB)

This mod adds 4 mobs:

• Mutant Enderman and Mutant Snow Golem

Mutant Zombie:

  • Has 50 hearts health.
  • Melee attack dealing 12 damage
  • Roar Attack and Toss Attack
  • Gives Hulk Hammer upon death (32 uses)

• Mutant Creeper:

  • Direct & Jump attack
  • Minions spawn
  • Charge attack
  • Lightning attack
  • Healing and Lightning attack
  • Drops eggs upon death, takes 3-5 days to hatch, spawns you a personal Creeper. It gives you TNT and lets you have some fun.


How to spawn Mutant Creatures:


  • Throwing Chemical X onto the ground creates a skull spirit that picks one random mob nearby and infects it.
  • Then, (if a mutant is available), there’s a 50% chance that the mob will turn into a mutant! If not, it’ll kill the mob. Use wisely!
  • To prevent problems, you can throw Chemical X directly at an entity to infect it.

How to install Mutant Creatures:

• Download and install Minecraft Forge.
• Download Mutant Creatures Mod from link above.
• Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata% and hit enter.
• Go to ./minecraft/mods and hit enter.
• Put the mod zip file there, Run Minecraft.

– This mod is not tested in Multiplayer
– Does not function without Forge Mod loader.
– There are some glitches in animation.
– The configuration file can be found in ./minecraft/config, you can change the block ID’s if it conflicts with other mods.

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