Biomes O Plenty Mod for Minecraft 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2, 1.17.1

Biomes O Plenty Mod for Minecraft
BIOMES O’ PLENTY Mod for Minecraft. The update of BIOMES O’ PLENTY ModLoader is running around the internet with the compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft. Since it is a ModLoader so it provides a smooth experience for the Minecraft fans to play with. There are few replica version of this mod but you should prefer the original one..

  1. Description: A custom mod for Minecraft.
  2. Author: Glitchfiend
  3. Release date: 17th June, 2020
  4. Filesize: 5.88 MB
  5. Compatibility: Windows, Mac
  6. Version: v.1.16.4

BIOMES O’ PLENTY Mod for Minecraft Download:

For 1.16.4 (Direct) Bio-mes-O-Plenty-universal.jar

For 1.15.2 (Direct) Bio-mes-O-Plenty-universal.jar

For 1.15.1 (Direct) Bio-mes-O-Plenty-universal.jar

For 1.14.4 (Direct) Bio-mes-O-Plenty-universal.jar

For 1.12.2 (Direct) Bio-mes-O-Plenty-universal.jar

For 1.12 (Direct) Bio-mesOPlenty-universal.jar

For 1.11.2 (Direct) Bio-mesOPlenty-universal.jar

For 1.11 (Direct) Bio-mes-OPlenty.universal.jar

For 1.10.2 (Direct) – Bio-mesOPlenty-universal.jar

For 1.9.4 (Direct) – Bio-mesOPlenty-universal.jar

For 1.9 (Direct) – Bio-mesOPlenty-universal.jar

For 1.9 (Alternate) – Bio-mesOPlenty-universal.jar

For 1.8.9 (Direct) – Bio-mesOPlenty-universal.jar

For 1.8.9 (Alternate) – Bio-mesOPlenty-universal.jar

(Updated on 9th February 2016)

For 1.8.8 (Direct) – Bio-mesO-Plenty-universal.jar

For 1.8.8 (Alternate) Bio-mesOPlenty-universal.jar

(Updated on 27th December 2015)

Bio-mes o ‘Plenty 1.8

Bio-mes o-‘Ple-nty 1.7.10 

[Minecraft 1.6.1/1.6.2] Bio-mes o’ Plenty ModLoader (Media fire)

(Updated on 11th July 2013) 

Installation tutorial:

  • Download the latest version of Minecraft Forge API and install;
  • Download this ModLoader;
  • Locate your Mods folder inside your minecraft folder (AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods);
  • Drag all the content of the downloaded mod inside your Mods folder;
  • Have fun!

Biomes O Plenty Changelogs:

  - Adjusted the crafting recipes for Scythes
  - Added sub-biomes
  - Canyon Ravine
  - Meadow Forest
  - Thick Ominous Woods
  - Pasture Meadow
  - Pasture Thin
  - Shrubland Forest
  - Timber Thin
  - Added amethyst buckets specifically for picking up Spring Water
  - Removed the Overgrown Beach
  - Tweaked the Badlands

This Mod is now released with the latest version of Minecraft. If you are finding some difficulties while downloading this mod or having some issues finding the official version feel free to let us know via comment section. Moreover if you have any guide related to this mod post it via comment section it will be appreciated. Have fun.

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