[Minecraft 1.4.4] Too Many Items Mod

Marglyph Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4 is now available online. This mod is currently one of the most sophisticated mod in the Minecraft and entertaining millions of minecraft fans around the globe. Its basically a combination of several Minecraft mods. Minecraft too many items mod for version 1.4.4 is released and available for all the fans. So check the related details below.


Description: A beautiful mod for Minecraft 1.4.4
Author: Marglyph
Filesize: 176kB
Release date: 8th November 2012
Compatbile: Windows, Mac
Version: Minecraft 1.4.4

Marglyph Too Many Items for Minecraft 1.4.4 Mod Download:
[Minecraft 1.4.4] Too Many Items Mod (Released)

[Guide] How to install TooManyItems in Minecraft 1.4.4:

Download Too Many Items Mod
Type %appdata% into the start menu
Open .minecraft folder
Open the bin folder and then Minecraft.jar
Delete the META INF folder
Open Too Many Items Mod zip with WINRAR or 7ZIP
Drag the files into Minecraft.jar
Run Minecraft, start a New World
Press ‘O’ to open the Too Many Items Mod window

Important Information:
– If you are having any troubles, issues or crashes while installing TMI in Minecraft 1.4.4, post a comment below.
– For configuring the advanced settings, you can edit “TooManyItems.txt” file.
– Please back-up your World saves, Minecraft.jar before installing this mod.
– In multi-player, you need to be server administrator/mod to utilize this mod.

There might be a possibility that you can’t find the mod above. The reason behind that is the unavailability of this mod or its not released yet. You can check this mod online right after it is released. So keep visiting here and check the latest updates of your favorite game online here.

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