[Minecraft 1.4.4] Elemental Creepers Mod

Elemental Creepers 1.4.4Elemental Creepers for Minecraft 1.4.4. Elemental Creepers is a popular modification for Minecraft which changes the theme of creeper mobs and make them look more stronger and evil. This mod brings total 10 creepers theme, all have different visuals, skins and abilities. Some create, snow, fire, cookies other explode and destroy your blocks.

Description: A tool for destroying creeps in Minecraft.
Author: xSmallDeadGuyx
Filesize:  N/A
Version: v5
Release Date: To be announced
Compatible: Mac, Windows.

Download Elemental Creepers 1.4.4:

ElementalCreepers_v2.4_server_MC1.4.4.zip (not yet released)

ElementalCreepers_v2.4_client_MC1.4.4.zip (not yet released)

Spawner Egg Recipes:

Spawner Egg Recipes


How to install Elemental Creepers 1.4.4 (client):

* Download Risugami ModLoader
* Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft/bin and hit enter.
* Download Elemental creepers mod client from link above.
* Open Minecraft.jar using archive sofware
* Open Mod zip file and move all its contents into the jar.
* Run Minecraft to verify installation.

– Elemental Creepers will only work if server supports it, ModLoaderMP required
– Back your saves before using mod.
– Config files can be found in /.minecraft/config
– Supports Minecraft Forge.
– You can report any problems/feedback on official thread.

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