[Minecraft 1.4.4] Custom NPC’s Mod

Custom NPC's ModCustom NPC’s Mod is now ported and fully compatible with Minecraft 1.4.4. Custom NPC’s is a modification that adds non-player characters to your world.You can populate your world with NPC’s, they can act like normal players, guards, merchants and mobs. They can be fully customized and equipped with items of your choice.


Description: Allows you to add customizable characters in Minecraft
Author: Noppes
Version: v0.6
Release date: 16th November 2012
Compatibility: Windows and Mac.

Download Custom NPC’s Mod for 1.4.4:

customnpcs 1.4.4.zip (9.09 MB)

Download Forge Universal 4.0.0 Build 204:

minecraftforge-universal- (1.06 MB)

Custom NPC Mod Spotlight:

How to install Custom NPCs Mod Minecraft:

– Go to Start Menu > Run > Type %appdata%/.minecraft and press Enter.
– Download Forge Universal from the link above.
– Now open Minecraft.jar using WinRaR or 7zip.
– Extract the Forge universal files into Minecraft.jar root and delete META-INF folder.
– Launch Minecraft to see if Forge is installed successfully.
– Download Custom NPC mod zip file (don’t extract it) and place it in .minecraft/mods folder.
– Custom NPC mod will be installed, Launch Minecraft and enjoy.

• This mod currently supports single-player only.
• It is incompatible with ModLoader.
• Always backup your Minecraft saves and jar before installing anything, doesn’t matter how small the mod is.
• Custom textures can be added in .minecraft/saves/your world/customnpcs/mob folder.
• Configuration file can be found here: .minecraft/config/CustomNPCs.cfg

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