[Minecraft 1.4.2] Mod Update Manager

Mod Update Manager for Minecraft 1.4.2 is a custom tool for Minecraft players. The tool is basically a source-only mod and other modders can pacakge their mod and also they can include some version checking. The mod can easily coded by third party and it can handles all updates in their original form. So don’t hesitate to check it out..


Description: A mod that check your updates.
Author: TheWhiteWolves
Release date: 29th October 2012
Filesize: 38.6kB
Compatible: Windows, Linux, Mac

Mod Update Manager for Minecraft 1.4.2 Download:
[Minecraft 1.4.2] Mod update Manager (38.6kB)

Unfortunately there is no guide available for this mod because its just a pre-release. But it will be available soon. If you are facing some difficulty while downloading the mod or something else please let us know via comment section.

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