[Minecraft 1.4.2] Minions Mod

Minions Mod 1.4.2Minions is now officially available for Minecraft 1.4.2. Minions is a unique yet important piece of modification that allows you to have small workforce (peasants) working for you. Minions can help you building by gathering/mining materials and resources such as Stones, Woods and Diamonds. They follow your every command and don’t let you down.


Description: Adds Minions in your Minecraft world.
Author: AtomicStryker
Filesize: 587kb
Release date: 27th October, 2012
Compatible: Windows, Mac and Linux

Minecraft Minions 1.4.2 Download:

MinecraftMinions 1.4.2.zip (3.9 MB)

Minions Mod Guide & Tips.

  • Kill enough stuff to reach Level 8
  • Press M and do evil 4 times
  • Receive Master Item
  • Rightclick Master Item to spawn Minions
  • Rightclick to issue orders, context-sensitive (a place, trees, an animal, an ore vein, your feet)
  • Also press M for advanced orders
  • Rightclick chest (FROM DISTANCE) to set it as destination
  • Charge staff like a bow to have minions follow you
  • Rightclick minions to have them drop whatever they have
  • Left-click Minions for working incentive.
  • Left-click with Staff out for evil sparkly.

How to Install Minions Mod 1.4.2:

• Download and Install Minecraft Forge.
• Load the Minions Mod using Forge ModLoader
• Run Minecraft and play!

* Please make a back-up of your Minecraft saves/install before installing any kind of modification.
* Follow the installation instructions carefully, if you are having any trouble, please report in official thread.

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