[Minecraft 1.3.2] Mo’ Creatures Mod for 1.3.2

Mo’ Creatures Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2 is the ultimate mod for which grants you animals mod to play with in the game. This mod is nearly have all the creatures you want to play with. MO’ Creature allows you to experience Horses, Snakes, JellyFish, MantaRays, Sting Rays, Crocodile, Turtles, Kitties, rat dear, lil fish and much much more. Feel free to check more related to this mod.

Description: A mod which allows you to play with Creatures.
Author: DrZhark
Release date: N/A
Filesize: Usually in kilo Bits
Compatible: Windows, Mac, Linux


MO’ Creature Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2 Download:

MO’ Creature Mod for 1.3.2.zip (N/A)

List of MO’ Creatures in Minecraft 1.3.2

-Added Goats
-Lil’ Fish (including piranhas)
-Polar Bear
-Flame Wraith
-Fire Ogre
-Cave Ogre

Guys don’t disappoint because the development of MO Creatures for Minecraft 1.3.2 is already started and it will be released within the few days. So have fun playing Minecraft and keep coming here to check the latest updates of your favorite game online here.

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