Maplestory 0.91 Patch Download | Maplestory 0.91 Patch Notes

Maplestory 0.91 PatchNexon, the developer of  one of the most popular MMO game has released Maplestory 91 Patch for their game. This patch adds some minor improvements to the Maplestory engine along with several bug fixes. This is a small patch but you must install this incremental update to newest patch to experience smoother game experience.


Maple Story 0.91 Patch Notes:

This manual patcher is only available for users patching from the last client (Maplestory 0.90) to our newly released client. Older versions of the client will not be supported by the manual patcher. (i.e. Maplestory 0.05 will not manually patch to Maplestory 0.07) If the manual patcher does not work for you. we suggest you download the new client.

Double-click on the patcher -> Select the folder where the game is installed For most users, this folder is C:\nexon\maplestory

* If you receive an error (canvas.dll is corrupt), please download the new client.
* If you receive an error (maplestory.exe not found), please select the correct folder.

Maplestory 0.91 Patch Download:

ManualPatcherv91.exe (8.51 MB)

If you are having any errors are crash problems while installing Maplestory .91 Patch, please post a comment we will respond shortly.

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