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Sword of Stars : Lords of the Winter II is a pc based game which was released back in 2011. Sword of Stars : Lords of Winter II is the second series of Sword of Stars. This game is basically developed by Kerberos Productions and published by Paradox Interactive. The latest patch notes are available below. So feel free to check it out.


Sword of Stars Lords of Winter (21 July, 2012) Patch Notes:

Critical fixes:
Fixed a Comparative Analysis UI crash.
Addressed a weapon bank related crash.

Other fixes:
Fixed recent mission screen UI issues.
Fixed loophole that was allowing station construction to exceeed the
number of each type of station allowed.
Engrammed admirals with the Inquisitor trait no longer gain extra traits.

Critical fixes:
Fixed reported crash bugs in combat.
Abandoning a colony in the Colony Established dialog no longer causes a crash.

Other fixes:
AI no longer executes diplomatic actions without sufficient diplomatic points.
AI now builds various station types again.
AI no longer redesigns platforms continually.
Battle riders can now be targeted specifically.
Security slider no longer jumps to a notched position when the
research slider is moved in the star map.
It is no longer possible to retrofit stations with pending modules.
Mining stations can now be built on asteroids.
Fixed absorber ship section effect.
Asteroid monitors now have Polaris missiles.
Ship targets in combat are no longer lost when turrets are lost or a
section is destroyed.
Fixed a corner case that could result in ships rolling continually in combat.
Meson projector now aims at the intended target and applies damage correctly.
Ships turned over to a different player in combat now are now
correctly removed from hotkey groups.
Fixed torpedo retargeting.

Other changes and additions:
Added Leech Driver.
Added population manager.
Added comparative analysis screen.
Changes to the All Stop command mean that a ship issued All Stop
will return to Normal Stance. If a ship is answering All Stop and
another stance is selected, it will start moving again.

Known issues:
– Existing sync errors in multiplayer turn updates are still being addressed.

We hope that you guys will enjoy playing this patch. So have fun and keep visiting here to check the latest updates of your favorite game.

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