Iron Front – Liberation 1944 Patch 1.02 Download & Notes

Iron Front Liberation 1944 PatchX1 Software and Deep Silver has a new update, Iron Front: Liberation 1944 v1.02 Patch. This update fixes the issue with multiplayer and various bugs found in the campaign mode. The DT machine gun is now a complete weapon it is available under USSR ammo crate. You can now download the New Iron Front 1.02 patch for both Boxed and digital version.


Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Patch Notes:

  • New: Added additional mining features.
  • New: Added the DT machine gun as a complete weapon, it’s located in the USSR ammo crate.
    Fixed: Fixed the work of multiplayer.
  • Fixed: Fixed various bugs of Soviet and German campaign.
  • Fixed: Fixed the empty fields in the editor for the french, spanish and italian language.
  • Fixed: Fixed the trucks – now they can carry mortar and mg parts in their cargo.
  • Fixed: M3 Scout car now also can tow anti-tank guns.
  • Fixed: Fixed various small building errors.
  • Fixed: Fixed some mistakes of the german infantry.
  • Updated: All small arms sounds are enchanced.
  • Updated: Updated the Blitzkrieg missions, fixed several bugs for them.

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 1.02 patch Download:

For Boxed Version: IF44Patch_1_01-1.02_DISK.exe (47.23 MB)
For Digital Version: IF44Patch_1_01-1.02_ESD.exe (47.24 MB)

Note: This patch only upgrades v1.01 to v1.02.

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