Heroes Of Newerth v2.0.33 Patch Notes, Client Download

Heroes of Newerth 2.0.33S2Games has released a new update, HoN 2.0.33 for their MMORPG game, Heroes Of Newerth.  The new update brings a new hero, Amun-Ra, 2 Alternate avatars a minor fixes to the gameplay aspects. For those who are experiencing problems while updating to v2.0.33 update may download the client & install.


HoN 2.0.33 Patch Notes:

– Added a new Strength hero: Amun-Ra
– Added a new Alt Avatar: Oni Devourer
– Added a new Alt Avatar: Mermaidon
– Fixed attack projectiles not being invisible when you get Frostwolf Skull on an Alt Avatar
– Fixed a Practice Mode bug when you give yourself items
– Touched up Martyr Voice

– Neutral and lane creeps no longer have any random damage, they now do static amounts of damage.

Heroes Of Newerth v2.0.33 Client Download:

You may visit Heroes Of Newerth official website for the latest HoN client versions.

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