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Garena Total - Auto Joiner


Garena Total (or Garena Auto Joiner) is a program designed for Garena Messenger that significantly improves your gaming experience and automates tasks such as tunneling, joining the game room, auto-open programs. It allows you to set Warcraft 3 inventory hotkeys and quick messages while in-game. It’s a must have application if you want to play DotA via Garena client.

Garena Total Features:

  • Auto Tunnel: Automatically tunnels all the players present in the room, you can do other tasks in meanwhile.
  • Auto Join: Automatically joins game room of your choice whenever a player slot is available.
  • Hotkeys: Warcraft 3 skill and inventory hotkeys for quick actions in game.
  • Quick Message: Chat quickly on both Garena and War3 using hotkeys.
  • Auto Open: Automatically open other programs whenever you launch Garena
  • Automatic Updates: Receives automatic updates and compatibility patches periodically.

Description: Garena Auto Joiner is a program designed to help players while joining Garena rooms when they are full. It has features like Auto Open, Auto Tunnel and Auto Trace buddy.
Filesize: 800 kB
Release date: 2013-07-08
Version: 5.5.2
Language: English and 20 others.
For Garena and Garena Messenger

Download Link(s):

Garena (latest)

Version Changelog:

Warcraft Hotkey
– Fixed Error #10 on some computer with DeepFreeze installed

Main App
– Fixed error could not launch Garena Total on Windows start-up
– No longer ask for Garena Plus path on start
– Updated languages: en, vi, mz
– Supported Windows 8.1 Preview
– The program will provide you instructions on how to use it properly.

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