Fossils and Archaeology Revival for Minecraft 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2, 1.17.1

Fossils and Archaeology Revival


Fossils and Archaeology Revival Mod for Minecraft. The mod basically introduces less than ten types of dinosaurs in your game. This mod will provide a layout of Jurassic Park featured movie in which you will be able to find Branchiosaurus, Stegosaurus and they are divided into Omnivorous and Carnivorous categories. So feel free to check it out.

Introduction: A Jurassic Park theme mod for Minecraft
Creator: Flammarilva
Last Release Date: 27th June 2020
File Size: 26.4 MB
Operation System: Windows, Linux, Mac

Fossils and Archaeology for Minecraft :


Fossils_Archaeology_Revival-1.7.10_Build-7.2.1.jar (Mirror 1)

Fossils and Archaeology Mod for Minecraft Changelogs:

-New sarracina plant
– Added volcanic rock
– New volcanic ash
– Added spinosaurus
– Fixed name output when a dinosaur kills you
– Fixed block breaking config (should work now I hope)
– Mosasaur no longer suffocates when attacking
– Slowed down raptor speeds
– Speed tweaks on dinosaurs
– Trade with villagers for relic scraps
– Feeder now indicates when it’s empty or has food in it
– Switching over to a different way of handling localization and sound
– Healing works on vanilla forge servers. (Must be set to false if using MCPC/BukkitForge)

Fossils and Archaeology p1 Fossils and Archaeology p2

How to Install Fossils and Archaeology Revival Mod for Minecraft:

1. First you have to Install Minecraft Forge (Forge 6.6.0 or higher)
2 Then try opening minecraft.jar
3 After performing above mentioned steps Delete META_INF (client side only)
4 Now you extract Forge Universal files into minecraft.jar
5. Run Minecraft once to generate mod folder
6. Extract FossilArcheology Revival 1.47 Build xxxx into /.minecraft/mods/. It should extract with the Fossil-Archeology folder, so there’s no need to create any new folders.

We presume that you will have alot of fun while playing this Fossils and Archaeology Mod. Have fun playing Minecraft.

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