DotA v6.77c.w3x – File Download

A new version for the most popular Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne mod has been released. The IceFrog’s DotA v6.77c brings necessary balance changes to in-game characters (heroes). Heroes such as Drow Ranger, KotL have received nerfs to balance the game.


Description: Game balancing patch v6.77c of DotA for Warcraft 3 TFT.
Filesize: 7.8 MB
Release date: 16th March, 2013
Language Multiple
For Warcraft v1.24e & v1.26a

DotA 6.77b Map Download:

DotA v6.77c.w3xEnglish

Русский (Russian)

大陆简体 (Chinese)


Português (Portuguese)

Français (French)

Română (Romanian)

Map Changelogs (Patch Notes):

  • Tranquil Boots disabled speed reduced from 50 to 25
  • Tranquil Boots heal increased from 170 to 250
  • Tranquil Boots cooldown increased from 40 to 60
  • Tranquil Boots heal duration increased from 10 to 20
  • Illuminate manacost increased from 150 to 150/160/170/180
  • Illuminate AOE reduced from 400 to 350
  • Spiked Carapace duration reduced from 2.75 to 2.25
  • Spiked Carapace cooldown increased from 14 to 23/20/17/14
  • Marksmanship bonus is removed when there are nearby enemy heroes (instead of just being halved)
  • Reduced Marksmanship enemy detection aoe reduced from 400 to 375
  • Heaven’s Halberd’s Disarm is no longer dispelled by Manta
  • Living Armor damage reduction is now done for all instances of damage that reduce its charges


• DotA 6.77c AI be available soon by PleaseBugMeNot
• After downloading the w3x file, put the map in Warcraft III\Maps\Download folder.

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