DotA v6.74c LoD v5e.w3x – File Download

DotA 6.74c LoD v5eDotA 6.74c Legends of DotA (v5e) map for is officially released and now available for download.


Description: DotA 6.74c LoD is a modified version of IceFrog’s DotA, gives you ability to select your own skillset and play on different game modes.
Author: Superwaitsum / IceFrog
Filesize: 7.7 MB
Language: English
Release date: June 30, 2012
For Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne v1.24e and v1.26a

w3x file

File Download:

DotA v6.74c LoD v5e.w3x (mirror 1)

• After downloading the map file, go to Warcraft 3\Maps\Download sub-folder and copy/paste it there. The default path of Warcraft 3 TFT is, C:\Program Files\Warcraft 3.

Map Change Logs:

*The following combinations have been unlocked:
-Blizzard: Crystal Nova, Smoke Screen, Curse of the Silent, Spirit Form, Avalanche, Shrapnel, Acid Spray, Dream Coil, Torrent, Calldown, Kinetic Field, Sleight of Fist, Overwhelming Odds, Maledict, Earthbind, Weave, Decay, Vacuum, Sticky Napalm, Ice Vortex, Reflection, Soul Catcher, Sun Strike, Nether Blast
-Inferno: Split Earth, Light Strike Array, Spin Web, Rain of Chaos
*Enabled Moon Glaive, as a buff placer, ranged only skill. The stacking rules of this skill are the same as for Poison Sting.
*The following skill can now be multicast: Reflection
*You are now reminded of your spells before picking a hero
*Entering -ready during the skill picking phase allows you to choose your remaining skills randomly
*The -si, -skillinfo, -spellinfo commands allow you to see your teammates’ abilities in the scoreboard, similarly to -ii and -iteminfo
*The game now defaults to -sdzmls when left alone, instead of normal mode (that didn’t work)

Bug fixes:
*Illusions from morphed heroes are now morphed as well
*Fixed fatal errors sometimes happening in -s5 or -s6
*Fixed Essence Aura not increasing mana pool when chosen as a 5th skill
*Fixed the 10th players having only 8 heroes in -sd
*Fixed interactions between Jinada, Tidebringer and Bounty Hunter’s Wind Walk
*Fixed illusions not increasing in size with Grow!
*Fixed Grow! to start growing from your hero’s current size
*Fixed Grow! to correctly slow your hero’s attacks and increase your size when chosen as a 6th skill
*Fixed heroes sometimes getting all aura buffs in the game
*Fixed Meepo having some passives and being unable to gain some other passives
*Fixed -sp (hide/show passives) malfunctioning in ardm
*Fixed Mana Break having no visual on attacked units
*Fixed being able to random spells from heroes you do not have in -sd or -md modes

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