DotA 2 Posters Are Now Available At Valve Store

DotA 2 Posters Valve StoreGreat news for all the DotA 2 fans. Valve has now started selling the official DotA 2 posters pack. The posters contains, DotA 2 Morphling, Bloodseeker, Lina & Drow Ranger. It’s a good thing that Valve is at least offering something physical with their game packs like Blizzard provides the whole Battle Chest with their games.


Each DotA 2 poster print is size is 20″ x 36″ and high quality with 100% glossy finish. If you purchase a single poster, it will cost you $6.95 whereas the whole poster pack is available for only $14.95. If you love DotA then it’s a perfect thing to show off to your gamer friends.

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