Din’s Curse 1.008 Patch Download | Din’s Curse v1.008 for PC & Mac

Din's Curse v1.008 Beta PatchSoldak Entertainment has released Din’s Curse v1.008 Beta Patch for Windows and Mac. This patch has a huge list of changelogs containing game fixes, balancing, tweaks, improvements but unfortunately, there is no new stuff in this patch. However, you must update to Din’s Curse 1.008 patch to enjoy improved gameplay experience.


Din’s Curse v1.008 Beta Patch Changelogs:

  • fixed weapons with 0 min damage not showing dps (Pendler)
  • fixed pricing on weapons with 0 min damage (FloodSpectre)
  • increased difficulty of higher difficulties
  • fixed Cave Fish plural (Colonel Blimp)
  • food and potions are no longer ever considered crappy (Archon/Amberjoy)
  • added uvMod Rotate to shader system (not tested well yet)
  • changed stairs up/down graphics on mini map & world map to arrows so they are easier to see (Oasisbhrnw)
  • fixed a collision mask issue in canReservePosition
  • fixed world collision getting in the way of shutting doors
  • fixed a lock issue with shutting doors (Archon)
  • doubled regeneration obelisk speed (Archon)
  • added a way that quests could specify min level from the next quest in the chain
  • made chaining quests get their min level from the next quest, not hard code the same number
  • game can now handle missing mda files
  • summons and offensive skills now require caster to stand still (easy to mod to old way)
  • changed the protocol version
  • now objects can specify a UseTip in data
  • now skills can specify more than one MonsterArchetype
  • fixed highlight text on attribute increase buttons
  • localized attribute increase text
  • fixed a small spacing problem on vitality text
  • changed left click text on skills to be cyan to be more consistent
  • now show green asterisk next to levels you have quests on in the gate teleport menu (Desticato)
  • won’t get assassin’s in town until level 10 now (Amberjoy)
  • increased fade time after death a little (Colonel Blimp)
  • now get can’t raise monster message before getting rid of old monster (Colonel Blimp)
  • fixed a problem with renegade attacks sometimes not getting to town (Brysos/TheParthenon)
  • now world modifiers can add extra chance to monster enhancements
  • tag files are smarter about where they save now
  • ambient creatures now fade out
  • fixed spirit giving you magic resistance
  • now skills can specify more than 1 weapon type
  • fixed barbarian and luman npcs dying spawning dead body standing up
  • fixed a problem allowing Chaos Lords and Scree summoned at same time
  • fixed a potential crash in Game::getPotentialEntitiesInRange (Shining Soldier)
  • added a loading screen scale in database
  • added loading screen
  • added Immunities to actors
  • ice elementals are no longer effected by slippery surfaces (demoss)
  • brightness machine makes food less expensive (Mercanis)
  • fixed quilted sash background color (FloodSpectre)
  • if you teleport into dead space it should no longer update the map before moving you to a valid position (Amberjoy)
  • barkskin no longer shows on equipment (Cadfan)
  • increased Nature’s Revenge, Shadow Bolt, Bolt of Gloom, and Thunderbolt casting times (ShivaX)
  • changed network protocol version
  • fixed reuse timer display when playing a same specialty hybrid (goodknife)
  • fixed npc health changing over a save/load (FloodSpectre)
  • now change unknown to verified to level X once you go through unknown gates (Cadfan)
  • now item rewards are put into inventory if you have room and only player in game (Shining Soldier)
  • fixed destroyed altar text (FloodSpectre)
  • on game screen, broken icon gives you list of breaking or broken items instead of generic message (FloodSpectre)
  • required quests will no longer spawn after winning a town (Max_Powers)
  • now a confirm menu when clicking on win town icon (Colonel Blimp)
  • now get rid of kidnapper if victim is killed (Bak)
  • fixed a loading screen blinking issue
  • turn speed is now lower for player
  • now if can’t add entity will immediately try to purge old entities and try the add again
  • decreased click radius of dimensional gates (Bak)
  • decreased click radius of spiders
  • fixed loading screen breaking initial town map
  • pets no longer attack some objects even if player does (Colonel Blimp)
  • now pets will use your money/magic find stats (Colonel Blimp)
  • fixed morale penalty for fire and ice elementals
  • now if a monster or NPC is in fear, it shows a status effect (Etto)
  • changed fire elemental, scree, fury, and skeleton pets to be own monster type to make changes easier
  • now pet chaos lords, fire elementals, screes, furies, skeletons, and skeleton archers will use healthstones (L337GTIMKV)
  • increased set bonuses by 50%

Din’s Curse 1.008 Patch Download:

DCBeta1008.exe (4.29 MB)

DCMacBeta1008.zip (7.21 MB)

Good to see that guys at Soldak are still looking to improve the quality of the game. If you have any problems while updating to this patch, just shout out!

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