Diablo 3 1.02b Patch Download & Change Logs

diblo 3 updateBlizzard has released a new patch for their latest game, Diablo 3 v1.02b Patch. It brings a small number of changes for e.g. Tooltips and other miscellaneous enhancements. This patch is available via Battle.net auto-update, optionally you can download the offline version of this patch and install manually.


Diablo 3 v1.02b Patch Download:

Standalone patch (updates from any previous version):
Not available.

Upgrade patch (updates from v1.02a):
d3-update102a-to-102bus.zip (mirror 1)

Diablo 3 1.02b Patch Notes (Changelogs):


-Tooltips for the following class abilities have been updated to reflect changes made in patch 1.0.2 and previous hotfixes:
Demon Hunter
Smoke Screen (Skill Rune – Lingering Fog)
Fists of Thunder (Skill Rune – Quickening)
Mantra of Healing (Skill Rune – Boon of Inspiration)
Energy Armor (Skill Rune – Force Armor)

-Nigel Cutthroat has recently fallen on hard times and will now drop lower quality items when slain
-Gold and quest experience rewards for replaying “Heart of Sin: Get the Soul of Azmodan” have been reduced
-Gold and quest experience rewards for replaying “Heart of Sin: Go to the Keep” have been removed

Auction House

-The maximum duration for posted auctions has been reduced from 48 hours to 36 hours

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