Draven Preview – Draven Spotlight Video

League of Legends unveiled their latest champion in the patch notes.  Draven, The Executioner is going to break all the popularity records within no time. Draven has some great spells which can easily made him a great threat to the opponents and with his agility in the battles can be lethal. The spotlight video and spell guide is currently available and the full guide will be available very soon.

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Darius Build Guide – League of Legends Darius Spotlight

Darius is the newly added Champion in League of Legends. Darius is here to destroy the enemy heroes and punish them towards hell. Darius mainly focuses to initiate battle who provides a great luxury for the allies to strike opponents  from his back. Darius is carrying some outrageous spells which will drive you crazy. You can check out the rest of the guide and spotlight video.

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Guild Wars 2 System Requirements (PC)

Guild Wars 2 System RequirementsArenaNet the developer of one of the most popular MMORPG game Guild Wars is making a sequel, Guild Wars 2.¬† It will contain new new races, missions, characters and improved graphics featuring the Havok engine. The game will be releasing for PC in the fourth quarter of 2012 and will require high system requirements as compared the previous release so, you might wanna upgrade your PC for that. (more…)

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