Minecraft 1.4.5 Client and Server Download

Client and Server Release for Minecraft 1.4.5. Mojang has recently patched the Minecraft with a new update for game client. The new version of Minecraft 1.4.5. It was a necessary patch because of some bugs that occurred. For e.g. IP address problem while joining servers via LAN, baby villagers and baby wolves are fixed, particles repositioned. The Minecraft 1.4.5 clients can join v1.4.4 servers without any issue.


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Late August Patch Notes – League of Legends

LoL Late August Patch Notes along with Late August patch preview is here. League of Legends is presenting Late August patch with some amazing changes. This patch features Syndra, The Dark Sovereign which will be a delight for the fans who were waiting for this Champion for ages. Moreover some balancing in the Corki, Graves and Ezreal’s AD occurred. So have fun checking out the latest patch online here.

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