Advanced Chemistry for Minecraft 1.20.3, 1.19.4, 1.18.2, 1.17.1

Advanced Chemistry for Minecraft


Advanced Chemistry is a unique and informative mod which will make you an expert of Chemistry. Advance Chemistry Mod for Minecraft basically covers the Chemical basis like Electrons, Protons, Neutrons and much more. You can also make your own Chemicals with the combination of different ions. The compound structure will be complete when the correct substances are mixed together. Check the rest of the entry below.

Description: A Chemical mod for minecraft.
Author: roza330
Last Release date: 17th February 2020
Filesize: 81.1KB
Compatible: Windows, Linux, Mac
Version: v.1.8.9

Advanced Chemistry Mod for Minecraft Download:

Advanced Chemistry 1.4.7 (Mirror 1)

Advanced Chemistry Mod Introduction:

This is a very complex mod, you may need to look some things up while using it. The base of this mod lies within Chemical Basis Ore, protons, neutrons and electrons. Using Chemical Basis (dropped 8 – 18 from chemical basis ore) you can craft neutrons, protrons and electrons. Then you craft the Atomic Creation Table and you can create yourself a bunch of atoms to do some awesome stuff. The mod uses the real-life structure of the atoms – for example (1 proton and 1 electron in the first electron slot = hydrogen), you may need to look up some atomic structures but take a look at the ‘Plans for the Future Section’ and you’ll see what we have in mind to make it easier for you.

We can only hope that you will have a good time using this mod with your Minecraft. Thus if you are not comfortable installing this mod or if there is any problem while adding Advance Chemistry Mod you can let us know via comment section. Have fun and keep playing Minecraft.

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