Torojima’s Chococraft for Minecraft 1.7.9/1.8.1/1.8.2

Torojima Chococraft Mod
Torojima’s Chococraft is a modification for Minecraft that adds a mob called Chocobo in your world.  Chocobos have many types and different colours that represent their speciality. They are usually wild mobs, but you can tame them using Gysahl Greens plant. If you are familiar with the EddieV’s mod so this is the continuation of that mod and now Torojima has taken over it. The more details related to this mod is given below.

Torojimas Chococraft Features:

  • Adds 9 types of Chocobos: Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White, Gold, Pink, Red and Purple.
  • 3 Secret Chocobo types, play to find out!
  • Chocobos can heal, if you build them an area covered with straw and equipped with a water filled cauldron.
  • You can use them for Ride
  • Drops eggs upon death.
  • And much more!

Description: A custom entertaining mod for Minecraft.
Author: Torojima
Last Release date: 3rd May, 2013
File size: 250~ kB
Compatible: v1.5.2+ on Windows, Linux or MacOS

Torojima’s ChocoCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 Download:

For 1.5.2 – (474 KB)

For 1.5.1 - (470 KB)

For 1.5  – (477 KB)

ChocoCraft ModChocoCraft Mod for MinecraftChocoCraft Mod for Minecraft

Chococraft Mod Recipe

How to install Torojima Chococraft Mod:

  • Install the latest Forge API according to your Minecraft version.
  • With Forge installed, put the ChocoCraft .zip file in your minecraft “mods” folder (in zipped form, not extracted!).


  1. This mod is compatible with all the popular mods such as Forge, TMI, ModLoader, NEI etc.
  2. There are two config files, both located in the config folder in the main minecraft folder. One is called “chocobo_config.txt”, the other one “ChocoCraft.cfg”. You can edit them to change the functionality of mode inside game.

The tool itself is a great fun to play which are clearly visible by the images above. If you are having issues downloading this mod or any bugs or errors. Feel free to share it here..

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