Ship Simulator Extremes Patch 1.2.2 Patch Download & Changelogs

Paradox Interactive Games & VSTEP has released a new patch update Ship Simulator Extremes Patch v1.2.2. This new update includes some bug fixes, improvements, balancing and minor tweaks to game.   that brings numerous improvements to the the recently released simulator. The good thing about Ship Simulator Extremes Patch 1.2.2 is that there is a

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Fable 3 System Requirements | Fable III PC System Requirements

Lionhead studios is bringing their action packed sequel Fable 3 to PC after Microsoft Xbox 360. Thousands of Fable fans around the world of waiting for Fable 3 to release worldwide. The release date of Fable 3 is not yet disclosed but it is expected to release in early 2011. Fable 3 has stunning graphics

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Din’s Curse 1.008 Patch Download | Din’s Curse v1.008 for PC & Mac

Soldak Entertainment has released Din’s Curse v1.008 Beta Patch for Windows and Mac. This patch has a huge list of changelogs containing game fixes, balancing, tweaks, improvements but unfortunately, there is no new stuff in this patch. However, you must update to Din’s Curse 1.008 patch to enjoy improved gameplay experience.

Diablo 3 System Requirements | Diablo III PC/Mac System Requirements

Blizzard’s Diablo III is the upcoming sequel for Diablo 2 and it’s known as one of the most anticipated games of all time. A lot of Blizzard fans are anxiously waiting¬† for Diablo 3 to release and they are searching for Diablo 3 system requirements at the same time so, they can see if their

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Armada 2526 Patch Download | Armada 2526 v1.4.0.0 Update

Ntronium Games has issued Armada 2526 Patch which includes many bug fixes and some minor improvements to the Artificial Intelligence for strategic and tactical layer. This patch also introduces two new features, a brand new race and faction, The Gray Order. Armada 2526 Patch v1.4.0.0 for Matrix Games edition is now available for download.