How to install Black Mesa Source [Guide]

Black Mesa SourceBlack Mesa is a free-to-play 3rd party Source Engine modification of Valve’s renowned video-game Half-Life and it is now officially released. Black Mesa brings a new life to HL2 by improving Graphics, soundtrack, thousands of new models and realistic weapons. Most of fans are eagerly waiting to try out Black Mesa to bring back their sweet old memories.So, here’s a guide if you can’t figure out how to install Black-Mesa.

Black Mesa Trailer:

How to install/play Black Mesa on Windows:

Step #1 – Download the Black Mesa game from their official website, the game is 3.07 GB. Get the 7zip file which contains 3 files, BlackMesa.7z, BlackMesa-Setup.exe and BlackMesa.md5. You could use the file mirrors or download them via torrent (recommended).

Step #2 – As Black is entirely based on Valve’s Source Engine, you need to get it.But before that it requires you to install the Steam Client.

Step #3 - Once the Steam Client is installed, it’s time to get Source SDK Base 2007. Open your Steam client register yourself an account and log-in to it. Now click this link to get the download started (press OK when pop-up comes). Alternatively, you can click Library on top and click All-Games and change it to tools. Scroll down, you’ll see “Source SDK Base 2007″, install it.

Step #4 - Now that your Source SDK Base is installed. Extract the BlackMesa.7z file you downloaded in Step #1 to any folder using WinRAR or 7zip. Now run BlackMesa-Setup.exe, it will install the game for you.

Step #5. Restart the Steam client, re-login your account. You’ll see Black Mesa in the games library, double-click it to launch the game. Enjoy!


• If you already have the 7zip file, you can download BlackMesa-Setup.exe (it’s an installer for BMS, put it where 7z file is and run it).
• If you can’t see Black Mesa in steam games library, do the following:

Open your Steam library and right-click on any game you don’t already have a shortcut for on your desktop and and just click on “Create desktop shortcut”.

Right-click on the newly created shortcut and under the “web document” tab for the URL field, remove what is there and instead put the below line:


Save it and restart steam and then try to run that shortcut and see if it works.

• Install Black Mesa in the same drive as Steam, otherwise it will give you issues.
• If you’re still not convinced wait for the official release on STEAM.

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  • bullshit doesnt worl

    • Andrew commented on September 15, 2012 at 9:57 pm



      I feel sorry for the inconvenience, I have fixed the tutorial.

      You need to download BlackMesa.7zip, which contains 3 files.
      1. BlackMesa.7z
      2. BlackMesa.md5
      3. BlackMesa-Setup.exe (download link added)

      You need to run the executable file, which automates the installing process for you.

  • Rashdan commented on September 15, 2012 at 8:31 pm


    Just wanted to point out. Extracting the .7z file to steamapps/common causes BMS to not appear on the game library. Running the installer and choosing steamapps/common didn’t work either. Running the installer and sticking to the default steamapps/sourcemods directory worked. No extraction of .7z needed, since both gives the exact same set of files.

    I was under the impression that either option works for installing it, but the surest way to get BMS on the game library was to just use the installer and change no settings.

  • Graham commented on September 16, 2012 at 4:51 pm


    Steam just does my head in.
    I purchased the Origional HalfLife back in 1998 when it was first released and purchased all the expansion packs (Blue Shift, Opposing Forces, and the crap one with the dinosors in it).

    When i Purchased HalfLife2 7 years or so ago My problems started. I installed it and created my source account, but found out that my origional serial number for HalfLife (from 1998) had been hijacked by someone else so was unable to register it and the expansion packs with Steam in order to get the Hi-Def Texture packs.
    After much arseing about sending photocopies and scans of my origional covers and disks to Steam I eventually managed to get my account activated and all my previously purchased games were available.

    A couple of years later (which included a change of email and postal address etc) I decided to re-install HalfLife2 for some on-line gameing as we’d now entered the broadband era. Again trying to re-activate my account with Steam turned into a month long hassle just to get HL2 running.

    Fast forward 5 years to this weekend and the release of BlackMesa and I’m into the same problems again.
    I have the origional copy of HL2 in hand, but Steam won’t recognise the Product ID. I’ve tried logging into Steam using every password that I can remember ever using but none of them work. (I must stilll have an account on there as trying to create a new account gives me the message “A user already exists with that account name, heres some alternative suggestions” etc)
    I can only get a password reset sent to the email account that I first registered with 7 years ago (I can’t remember what email address I first registered with and the account probably wouldn’t be active now anyway).

    I totally understand the needs for DRM, but why make it so hard to play games that I’ve already purchased?
    I would love to play the original HL series and it’s expansions again, I’d love to play HL2 again, and are really looking forward to Black Mesa, but there’s no way that I’m going to pay the £24 Steam is asking for me to re-activate games I already own, and are so over the top at making it difficult to activate and play games it’s no wonder that the are so many hackers out there.

    I’ve loved the Half Life franchise for 14 years but Steam just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Well Gratham, it’s your own fault. You registered the games on one account and then went on and forgot all about it. Complaining about that is the same as complaining to your bank that you can’t use your visa cause you don’t remember your pincode. You can email their support and see what they say about it, or else just buy the orange box. You get portal with it as well and that is a very good, if somewhat short game. It’s dirt cheap anyway.

  • I dont know why, but when i use the installer, the thing wont recognise my zip for he game. WTF?

  • Save it and restart steam and then try to run that shortcut and see if it works.

    It doesn´t not appear in the library and following the notes, it doesn´t start from the deskop-icon, so what?

    When i first installed the game, at the end of the setup-process, it appear “run the game”; so i run the game and the game started, then i leaved the game, and then or with steam (where it doesn´t appear in the library) or with desktop shortcut it doesn´t start….so what?

  • If you get the “did you install 7z?” error, try unzipping the files with 7z FIRST.
    I stopped getting that error once I did that.

    Now, I get 80% through the .exe install, it says:
    “Failed to extract files. 7-Zeip returned error code: 2″

  • Zuiplap commented on October 17, 2012 at 6:53 am


    I am still downloading Black Mesa. Is there a way to play the game offline after you launch the game in the Games Library ? My problem is that I have a 2GB cap on my ADSL line so playing the game on the internet will not be viable for me.

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