GreatWood Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7.9/1.8.1/1.8.2

greatwood texture pack Greatwood texture pack is a custom texture pack for Minecraft. By using this texture pack you can change in game textures along with art, environment, Gui, items, Mob, title, particle and most important terrain changes. One thing which is to keep in mind that this texture pack is in beta phase and it will be developed within some time. So check out the details related to Greatwood texture pack below. Description: A tool which allow you to modify textures in your game.
Author: lithiumsound
Filesize: 697.66 KB
Version: 1.4.5
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux
Release date: Not Released, 2012

Greatwood Texture Pack for Minecraft Manual Download:

GreatWood_R1.a (19-08-12)[1.32].rar (Mirror 1)

Greatwood Texture Pack for Minecraft  Installer Download:

GreatWood_R1.a (19-08-12)[1.32].exe 

We believe that Greatwood Texture pack is a great addition for Minecraft . If you find some bugs or glitches or some sort of solution for the bugs and errors do share them via comment section. So keep coming here to check the latest updates of Minecraft.

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  • the biggest prob is when i am usin xray aand lapise looiks so alike to diamonds othere wise its a great texture pack!

  • Please re texture iron golems to be two meters high. Maybe they should look like Steve woth iron armor, that would be great.

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