Modern Craft HD Resource Pack 1.12.1/1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4

Modern HD Resource Pack  it is a good resource pack and it has many quests and standard items. and it has many features and new items and it is a default resource pack you will have great graphics in this resource pack and it has very realistic features. It has 64×64 Resolution and it is

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DotA v6.78b.w3x – File Download

DotA 6.78b has just got released by the developer, IceFrog. It is the 2nd update of v6.78 series that addresses necessary bug and exploits to stabilize the gameplay. No new content has been added in this patch. Description: Update primarily focused to counter bugs found in DotA 6.78. Changelogs: Read Dota 6.78b Patch Notes. Filesize: 7.8 MB Release date:

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[Minecraft 1.4.5] X-Ray Mod Download

The X-Ray mod for Minecraft 1.4.5 is now released by TLUL. X-Ray mod is a must have modification which allows you to see X-ray vision of hidden tunnels, caves or paths. It helps you find your blocks easily, you can adjust opacity, enable night-vision, highlight monsters and more.

LoL Early August Patch Notes – League of Legends v1.0.0.144 Patch Notes

League of Legends has came up with another beautiful patch this week. As promised LoL came up with Early August patch. This patch is having some mind blowing changes along with some exciting stuff. But one thing which is not there is Diana, The Scorn of Moon which will be included in the future patch.

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Diana Champion Sneak peek – LoL Diana, The Scorn of the Moon Preview

League of Legends Diana, The Scorn of the Moon Spotlight Preview. Are you looking for the latest Champion addition in the League of Legends. You are at the right place because Diana, The Scorn of the Moon spotlight video is going to be available here. Diana is the most awaited champion in the League of

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