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Dota 2 Release – Valve Dota 2 Words from the developer

Recently Valve has announced that they are developing a massively multiplayer online Strategy based game, more likely Dota based game. This step from Valve high appreciated and also criticized by Dota Allstars fan community. Despite the fact the there are several  Dota based games in the market, Valve is going to release Dota 2 with

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Medal Of Honor Free Beta Account | Play Free Medal Of Honor On 4th October

Medal Of Honor Free Beta Account. After a long wait EA Games is releasing Medal Of Honour this October. Millions of Medal Of Honor fans are desperately and eagerly waiting for this game to release. The Official release of this game is 12th October 2010.

HON Free Account | Heroes of Newerth Account For Free

Heroes Of Newerth Free Account Is Now Available For all the Heroes Of Newerth fans. Few days ago Heroes Of Newerth introduced their trial account which can be avail with help of your friend. But now they have changed the requirement and you can easily register your account and play free Heroes Of Newerth.

Valve to make Half-Life Movie

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about Half-Life Episode 3. A lots of  fans were expecting HL EP3 to be announced on E3 but it looks like Valve is planning to do something else, an Half-Life movie. Gabe Newell, Valve CEO & Co-founder has told in an interview that Half-Life movie will only

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