GTA 5 Screenshots Surfaced

Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the screenshots of highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V.  The officially released screenshots showcase the realisitic graphics and gameplay which is 100 times better than the previous sequel GTA: San Andreas. The GTA 5 undoubtedly looks great, Rockstar knows what their fans really want.

Zyra Champion Spotlight – LoL Zyra, Rise of The Thorns Spotlight Video

Zyra Champion Spotlight – LoL Zyra, Rise of Thorns Spotlight Video. League of Legends has just published their another spotlight video. This time its Zyra who is unleashed in this preview. Zyra Rise of The Thorns is the recent champion addition in the League of Legends. Currently Zyra is not one of the most famous

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LOL Twitch Champion Spotlight – League of Legends Twitch, The Plague Rat Preview

LOL Twitch Champion Guide – League of Legends Twitch, The Plague Rat Items, Gameplay, Build Guide. So here it is the glorious remake of League of Legends Champion Twitch The Plague Rat. LoL development team is working really hard to provide a masterpiece this week. Twitch, The Plague Rat is going to be introduced in

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Evelynn, The Widowmaker – LoL Champion Spotlight

Riot Games has released a new spotlight video for Evelynn the Widowmaker.

Draven Preview – Draven Spotlight Video

League of Legends unveiled their latest champion in the patch notes.  Draven, The Executioner is going to break all the popularity records within no time. Draven has some great spells which can easily made him a great threat to the opponents and with his agility in the battles can be lethal. The spotlight video

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