Clay Soldiers for Minecraft 1.8.8/1.9.1/1.7.10

Clay Soldiers is a modification for Minecraft which adds a army of clay soldiers inside your Minecraft world.

Balkon’s Weapon for Minecraft 1.8.8/1.9.1/1.7.10

Balkon’s Weapon is a modification for Minecraft that basically provide a lot of variety of weapons to play with in the game.

Smart Moving Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.8.8/1.9.1

Smart Moving Mod for Minecraft is now available. Smart Moving Mod allows you to Climb on the walls, crawl through thin ways and helps in the long jump.

Millenaire for Minecraft 1.8.8/1.9.1/1.7.10

Good news for all the Minecraft fans, Millenaire Mod is officially updated Millenaire is a modification which generates a NPC (non-player characters) controlled villages from different civilizations in your single-player world. The NPC’s act like normal Minecraft players, they can trade, expand, craft, cultivate and more.

Flan’s Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.8.8/1.9.1

Flan’s Mod for Minecraft ┬áis one fascinating and fun-to-play with mod which brings modern warfare in your Minecraft world.